Health Alert: Food allergies on the rise

(CBS) - Pesticides and tap water could be causing more Americans to develop food allergies. A large-scale study published in the "Journal of the American College of Allergy", looked at over 10-thousand people and found nearly a quarter of them tested positive for a chemical used in pesticides and in water chlorination. High levels of the chemical in the human body are associated with a low tolerance for certain kinds of foods. Food allergies are on the rise in the U.S., affecting 15 million people.

(CBS) - A common diabetes drug may increase survival rates among women with ovarian cancer. A Mayo Clinic study found diabetic patients with ovarian cancer who took metformin for their diabetes were nearly 4 times more likely to survive compared with ovarian cancer patients who did not take the drug. Previous research on metformin has shown it may also fight other cancers. Researchers hope to start using the drug for large-scale trials in ovarian cancer.

(CBS) - If teenagers don't see tobacco products, they're less likely to buy them. That's the conclusion from a study published in the journal "Pediatrics" that included over 12-hundred teenagers. They were all invited to shop at virtual convenience store. When tobacco products were out in the open, more than 24 percent made tobacco purchases. When tobacco products were hidden, only 9 percent made tobacco purchases.the study authors say the results support policies that ban displaying tobacco products.


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