Health Alert: Google helping with Autism study

(CBS) - The advocacy group Autism Speaks announced it is partnering with Google to develop the world's largest collection of autism genomes. The program will use the Google Cloud platform to collect a vast database of genomic sequence information on individuals with the disorder. A new study finds the lifetime cost of supporting a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is between $1.4  and $2.4 million.

(CBS) - New research in the British Medical Journal finds hairdressers who frequently use hair dye on their clients or give them perms have higher amounts of carcinogens in their blood. The researchers looked at nearly 300 hairdressers. They found the levels of the carcinogens in the bloodstream rose with the number of weekly color treatments and permanents stylists performed.  
(CBS) - A new study finds older men who use statins are less physically active. Researchers say men who took the cholesterol lowering drugs averaged 40 minutes less of moderate exercise per week than men who didn't take the medication. Almost one-third of Americans 65 and older take statins. Researchers say the decreased activity may be linked to muscle pain caused by the drugs.


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