Health Alert: Health Affects of Bullying

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study looks at the long-term health problems that bullying causes. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center say bullying could have long-term health consequences. A study that followed 1,400 people for more than 20 years found those who were bullied reported more health problems such as chronic pain and susceptibility to illnesses. Doctors say this is because bullying increases levels of an unhealthy protein in victims.
(CBS) - Pregnancy increases the risk of getting into a serious traffic accident by more than 40%. That's according to a study in Canada on more than half a million pregnant women. Researchers say pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and insomnia may be causing more fender-benders.
(CBS) - You may be rethinking a glass of red wine with dinner. A new study from Italy shoots down the theory that a diet rich in the antioxidants found in red wine, and chocolate helps you live longer.  The 15 year study, on nearly 800 people found that such diets do not reduce deaths, heart disease or cancer.  


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