Health Alert: Health risks for obese children

(CBS)- Obese kids are at nearly six times higher risk for hypertension than children who are normal weight. That's according to a new German study that shows the higher the child's body mass index, the greater the risk for high blood pressure, which often leads to other cardiovascular problems. Researchers say any amount of weight loss will help kids reduce their risk.

(CBS)- European researchers say tea drinkers are likely to be healthier than coffee drinkers and may even live longer. They looked at about 130,000 people and found tea drinkers tended to be more physically active, less likely to smoke and have a better chance of surviving non heart-related diseases.

(CBS)- Another study from overseas reveals drinking wine protects people against cardiovascular disease, only if they exercise. Scientists followed a group of men and women in the Czech Republic for a year. They found those who drank wine and exercised at least twice a week had lower cholesterol readings.


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