Health Alert: Health risks of children who snore

(CBS) - Children who snore persistently and loudly are likely to have problem behaviors like hyperactivity, depression and inattention. That's according to a new study in "Pediatrics." Researchers found a link between snoring and low income families, and also among children who were not breast fed –or only breast fed for a short amount of time. About 1 out of every ten kids has a more serious snoring problem. Experts say taking a wait and see approach could make the behavior problems worse.


(CBS) - Kids who are subjected to tougher school nutrition laws are losing weight. Researchers looked at more than 6-thousand children in 40 states and found that students gained less weight from 5th to 8th grade if they lived in places with strong laws governing their school food. The students were also less likely to remain overweight or obese over time if they lived in states with stricter food laws.


(CBS) - Women over 70 with early stage breast cancer may want to hold off before undergoing any radiation related treatment. Doctors say it is best for older women to undergo radiation after having a lumpectomy—because it could help prevent the need for a mastectomy later. That's the conclusion of new research published in the journal "Cancer." Current guidelines say radiation is not always necessary for older women with early stage breast cancer.


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