Health Alert: Heart attack at health club not as deadly

Health Alert

(CBS) - Researchers say people who have a heart attack at a health club have a 56 percent chance of surviving.

That's compared to just 34 percent for other public places like malls and restaurants.

Doctors at the University of Wisconsin believe its because many fitness centers have automated defibrillators on hand.

(CBS) - A study in the New England Journal of  Medicine finds high blood sugar can damage the brain, even in people that don't have diabetes.

Researchers followed 2,000 seniors and found those with higher glucose levels were 18 percent more likely to develop dementia.

(CBS) - There may be a sweet way to keep the brain healthy, by drinking hot chocolate.

Scientists at Harvard Medicine School gave 60 older adults two cups of hot chocolate everyday for a month.

Patients who had poor blood flow in the brain at the beginning of the study saw major improvements 30 days later, and they performed better on memory tests.


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