Health Alert: Heart drug pulled from shelves

(CBS) - Drug maker Merck is pulling its cholesterol drug Tredaptive. The drug was never approved in the U.S. but was sold in 40 other countries. A follow up study shows the medication does not decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.


(CBS) - A compound found in marijuana can reduce pain, but a new study finds not in everyone. Researchers at the University of Oxford gave men a pill containing the compound THC. Only half the patients said they felt less pain and scans showed in those men and there was less pain activity in the brain. Doctors say the next step is to figure out why THC isn't effective on others.

(CBS) - Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse and Jimmy Hendrix have more than music in common. A new study finds that solo rock stars are twice as likely to die early than musicians who play in bands. British researchers also found U.S. music stars have a higher risk of early death than European stars.


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