Health Alert: Heart flutters during surgery linked to stroke

(CBS)- Patients that experience heart flutters or abnormal beats while they are hospitalized for surgery are at increased risk for having a stroke.  A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows in the year after heart surgery the risk is 30 percent greater, while other surgeries carry twice the risk.  Researchers looked at data from 1.7 million people and suspect the stress of surgery is largely to blame.

(CBS)- One out of every 20 heart attack survivors is exercising too much according to a new study published by the Mayo Clinic.  Researchers say survivors who ran more than 30 miles or walked more than 46 miles per week are overusing their hearts and increasing their risk of death.  Researchers also found about half of heart attack survivors are not getting enough exercise.

(CBS)- Alcohol-based hand sanitizers in classrooms do not reduce school absences, according to New Zealand researchers.  They followed students in 68 elementary schools last winter and found schools that promoted the use of hand sanitizers had the same number of sick students as schools with no hand sanitizers.


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