Health Alert: Heart rate may reveal life expectancy

Health Alert

(CBS) - Your resting heart rate may reveal your life expectancy. Doctors from Copenhagen followed about three thousand men over a 16 year period. They found the higher a person's resting heart rate the greater the risk of death. The results shows 81-to-90 beats per minute doubles your chances of dying and higher than 90 triples it.

(CBS) - Getting enough sleep before you get behind the wheel could save your life. Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found fatigue is a cause in 20-percent of accidents, more than previous studies have shown. They equipped 100 cars with cameras to monitor drivers. Data collected showed that people who drive while tired are four times more likely to get in a crash or near crash.

(CBS) - A new study finds even the taste of beer triggers the release of a chemical in the brain that is linked to addiction. Doctors at Indiana University gave 49 men a sports drink and a small amount of beer – not enough to cause intoxication. Results showed the alcohol caused a greater chemical release especially in people with a family history of alcoholism. Researchers say participants also craved more beer after the taste.


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