Health Alert: Heartbeat could power pacemaker

(CBS) - Researchers in Michigan are testing an experimental device that can help a beating heart power a pacemaker. The device converts energy from a heartbeat, delivering enough electricity to operate a pacemaker. Most pacemakers need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years when the batteries run out. Researchers say this device will save patients from surgery, especially children who live with pacemakers for years.

(CBS) - Limiting the amount of time children spend watching TV can help bring more families back to the dinner table. A new study in the journal "Pediatrics" looked at two groups of parents. Those who were counseled about reducing TV time ate fewer meals in front of the television. Researchers say children who eat while watching TV tend to eat larger portions and less healthy foods.

(CBS) - New studies are reinforcing that Americans need to cut down on sodium. A new review backs up the American Heart Association's recommendations to limit salt to less than 15-hundred milligrams per day. Numbers show most people consume more than double that. Doctors say less salt can cut the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease


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