Health Alert: Heavy drinking linked to early stroke risk

(CBS) - Drinking heavily may lead to a stroke earlier in life. A new study of stroke survivors found people who had three or more alcoholic drinks a day suffered a stroke on average 14 years earlier than people who did not drink a lot. Researchers also found that among stroke victims who were younger than 60, heavy drinkers were more likely to die within two years.


(CBS) - Common painkillers could be harmful or deadly to heart attack survivors, even several years after their heart attacks. A new study finds taking the pain relievers greatly increases their risk of death or having a second heart attack. The drugs include over the counter medicines ibuprofen and naproxen as well as some prescription medicines. Doctors say patients who took the painkillers increased their risk of death 59 percent one year after a heart attack and 63 percent after five years.


(CBS) - A large new study concludes acupuncture may indeed be helpful in treating some chronic pain conditions. The ancient practice is a popular alternative therapy but some continue to question whether it really works. A new analysis of 29 trials involving nearly 18-thousand patients found those who received the needle therapy reported less pain than those who didn't.


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