Health Alert: High blood pressure could affect your memory

Health Alert

(CBS) -  High blood pressure may affect your memory as you get older. Researchers at the National Institute of Aging studied more than 4,000 older people. They found that adults with high blood pressure were more likely to develop brain lesions.   

(CBS) - With more and more overweight and obese young adults in the U.S., there's been a jump in knee replacement surgeries. According to doctors at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, knee replacements are out-pacing hip replacements because excess body weight is more damaging to the knee.  
(CBS) -  A new British study links air pollution to irregular heartbeats and lung blood clots. Researchers also found a connection between heart attacks and strokes in people exposed to air pollutants for more than 5 days. They did not find any evidence that short term exposure causes cardiovascular problems.


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