Health Alert: High cholesterol may fuel breast cancer

(CBS)-  A new study finds women who have high cholesterol have a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer. Researchers looked at more than one million patients in the United Kingdom during a 14 year period.  Researchers say the findings raise the possibility of preventing breast cancer with cholesterol-reducing statins.

(CBS)- A simple molecule may be able to determine which obese people are metabolically healthy and which are not.  Researchers in Austria found that high levels of the molecule HO1 are linked to poor metabolic health and an increased risk of diabetes in obese people.  They also found inhibiting the molecule lead to improved metabolic health.  Researchers say about one-quarter of obese people are actually metabolically healthy and do not have a high risk of developing diabetes.

(CBS)- A new study finds older Americans in the northeast and the mid-west have a higher health-related quality of life compared to their counterparts in the south and west. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed data on health and activity limitations of Americans ages 65 and older.  The report found Arizona, Delaware, Nevada, New Hampshire and Vermont had the best scores. Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia had the worst scores.


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