Health Alert: Hormone replacement therapy may help heart

(CBS) - Hormone replacement therapy right after menopause could help a woman's heart. Danish researchers found taking hormones for ten years after menopause lowers the risk of death, heart failure and heart attack without increasing a woman's chance of cancer or stroke. There's been a debate for years on the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy. Previous research has shown it can increase breast cancer risk.

(CBS) - Eating your fruits and vegetables could make you a happier and healthier person! British researchers say your mental well-being peaks when you eat 7 portions a day.

(CBS) - A new study finds more evidence that the flu shot is safe for children with egg allergies. The vaccine is grown in a chicken egg - raising concerns it could have dangerous side effects for people allergic to eggs. Canadian researchers followed about 370- allergic patients and say none had a severe reaction to the shot and only 13 had minor reactions such as hives.


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