Health Alert: Hospital arrival time impacts treatment

(CBS)- A new study from the American Heart Association finds patients who went to the hospital during the evening or on weekends or holidays have a slightly higher risk of dying.  That is compared to patients who went during normal workday hours.  Researchers blame the discrepancy on hospital staffing.  If someone has an emergency in the middle of the night, doctors often need to be paged and called in for surgery and that takes time.

(CBS)- New research links problem drinking in midlife to memory loss later in life.  Doctors in England followed more than 6,000 adults for 18 years. They found adults who admitted to alcohol abuse at some point in their lives were twice as likely to have severe memory problems as they got older. But researchers caution that not everyone has to stay away from alcohol altogether, studies have shown an occasional glass of red wine may actually reduce the risk of dementia.

(CBS)- A new study suggests parents who spend more time cooking at home, have children who make healthier food choices away from home. Researchers gave 61 young children food choices ranging from chicken nuggets and cookies to fruits and vegetables.  The kids were allowed to eat as much or as little as they wanted.  Researchers found children whose parents cooked more at home tended to opt for the lower-calorie foods.


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