Health Alert: Insomnia linked to heart failure

Health Alert

(CBS) - Researchers say people with insomnia are 3 times more likely to develop heart failure. The finding comes from a study in the European Heart Journal which followed more than 50-thousand people for a decade. Doctors aren't sure why the sleep disorder is connected to heart problems. They speculate that insomnia may cause stress in the body that weakens the heart.

(CBS) - Researchers at the University of California are developing a new test that determines survival rates in older adults. The mathematical model was put together after studying 20-thousand people over 50. The test uses a point system that moves up or down depending on a person's age, medical history, diet and health habits. The results will help physicians figure out which patients are at risk and need treatment.

(CBS) - A high tech pair of glasses is helping doctors diagnose people who've suffered a stroke. The device measures tiny eye movements that doctors can't see. The movements can confirm if a patient is having a stroke or a non life-threatening condition like vertigo or dizziness. The glasses have only been tested on a small number of patients. Researchers hope the device will one day replace expensive brain scans.


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