Health Alert: Keeping food journal may help weight loss

(CBS) - Keeping track of every bite you eat could help you lose more weight. Researchers in Seattle looked at data on 123 overweight and obese older women. They found women who kept food journals lost about 6 pounds more than those who didn't. Experts say if you're going to keep a food journal, it's important to record everything you eat and be honest and accurate about what you log.


(CBS) - Obese children are likely to be just as bright as thinner kids. Previous studies have shown that heavier kids are less likely to do well in school. But British researchers looked at nearly 4,000 kids and found no evidence obesity affects test results.


(CBS) - A new report on health care shows 20-percent of U.S. women had no insurance in 2010. That's nearly 19 million women. Another 16.7 million were underinsured, according to the Commonwealth Fund. The report projects that women without insurance will drop to 8-percent under the Affordable Care Act.


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