Health Alert: Keeping the Brain Busy Could Protect Against Dementia

(CBS)- Keeping the brain busy might protect older people from the onset of dementia.  Researchers at the mayo clinic studied nearly two thousand senior citizens.  They found that a higher level of education and intellectual activity may delay the start of Alzheimer symptoms by nearly nine years.

(CBS)-  A new study finds that using calcium plus vitamin d supplements may be helpful for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.  The condition affects about 7 percent of American pregnancies and can lead to long term complications for both mother and baby.  Researchers say that using the supplements together may significantly reduce the symptoms of gestational diabetes, improving insulin and cholesterol levels.  

(CBS)- New research finds that nearly one out of 25 babies in the U.S. are born too early.  The study at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia looked at millions of births over a 15 year period.  It found that too many babies are induced or delivered early by C-section(cesarean birth), even though it's not medically justified. Those early deliveries can create health risks for infants.

(CNN)- Do you ever feel like a mosquito magnet? Scientists say the reason could be in your genes.  If you work out a lot, are pregnant, or had something to drink at that backyard BBQ, mosquitoes might find you more attractive than the person sitting next to you.  Your blood type might also be the reason for the bites according to research cited by  The site points to one study that found mosquitoes landed on people with type-O blood nearly twice as often as people with type-A. It's reported that the reason mosquitoes find pregnant women and regular exercisers more attractive is because, in part, they have a higher body temperature.


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