Health Alert: Latino children diagnosed with autism later

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study finds Latino children are diagnosed with Autism later and less often than other children, and pediatricians may play a role.

Researchers surveyed California doctors and discovered only one in ten were conducting screenings in Spanish.

Authors of the study published in the September issue of "Pediatrics," say promoting Spanish screenings and educational material will help make early detection easier.



(CBS) - London scientists have discovered that a gene that helps control aging has a link to the most common type of blood cancer.

Myeloma affects white blood cells and causes them to grow uncontrollably. Though more study is needed, researchers say the link between the aging gene and myeloma could lead to new ways to slow or stop the deadly cancer.



(CBS) - Insulin pumps are better than shots when it comes to controlling blood sugar levels in children.

Australian researchers analyzed data from 345 patients, aged 2 to 19, who used the pump. The findings revealed pump therapy nearly cut in half incidents of low blood glucose, and hospitalization due to a shortage of insulin.


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