Health Alert: Life expectancy increases by 10 years

(CBS) - A new global study finds life expectancy has increased 10 years since the 1970's. But many people are spending more years living with illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. The findings in the journal "Lancet" also show that fewer children now die from viruses and malnutrition.



(CBS) - Doctors say dogs can diagnose a potentially deadly infection that spreads in hospitals. Dutch researchers trained a dog to sniff out people with Clostridium Difficile also know as C-diff. The dog was able to accurately identify the infection in patients 83 percent of the time.



(CBS) - With space travel becoming more a reality, doctors are warning of potential health problems. A paper in the British medical journal warns that space travel can cause loss of appetite, space motion sickness, insomnia, dehydration and back pain. They say people with serious health conditions should get medical clearance first.


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