Health Alert: Link between lack of sleep and weight gain

(CBS) - A new study links lack of sleep to weight gain. Researchers at Penn State found sleep deprivation affected hormones that are tied to increases in appetite. More than 35 percent of American adults are obese and more than 28 percent get less than six hours of sleep a night.

(CBS) - Acupuncture can help with one of the side effects of radiation for head and neck cancers. A new study shows the ancient therapy can help relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. British researchers say dry mouth can affect a patient's quality of life -- interfering with taste, speaking and sleeping. Around half a million people worldwide develop head and neck cancer each year.

(CBS) - Crusty foods may make heart problems worse, especially if you have diabetes. Researchers at the University of Illinois found cooking methods that create a crust -- like the crispy edge of a hamburger, or the corner of a brownie -- are associated with plaque formation, the kind seen in cardiovascular disease. Health experts say it's better to limit fried food and bake, broil or grill food instead.


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