Health Alert: Link between psoriasis and obesity

(CBS) - A common skin condition may increase a child's risk of obesity. A study from Northwestern University found about 40 percent of kids with psoriasis are also overweight -- compared to 20 percent of children without the condition. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin that often starts early in life. Previous studies have shown adults with psoriasis have an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

(CBS) - A new study finds doctors may be giving seniors more diagnostic tests than they need. Researchers at Dartmouth followed medicare patients and found about half had the same test twice within three years. Repeat heart and chest exams were the most common, followed by scans of the bladder and digestive tract. Experts say doctors need to keep better records to make sure patients don't get too many tests.

(CBS) - Vitamin D might protect pregnant women from multiple sclerosis. Swedish researchers found pregnant moms who have high levels of the vitamin in their blood are 61 percent less likely to develop ms later in life. But their babies did not seem to receive the same protection.


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