Health Alert: Loneliness triggers health problems

(CBS) - Loneliness may be harmful to your health. That's according to researchers. A new study from Ohio State University found that when lonely people are under stress they're more likely to have elevated immune responses. That can lead to chronic inflammation, which is linked to a number of diseases including arthritis, coronary heart disease and Alzheimer's.

(CBS) - There is new evidence that newborn hearing tests can be unreliable. Researchers in Pittsburgh studied more than 900 children with hearing problems and 78 of them passed hearing tests as infants. Doctors say some children received passing grades incorrectly when they were infants. Others develop hearing difficulties as they get older. Experts advise parents who think their child has hearing trouble to get more than one test.

(CBS) - If you don't get enough sleep, there's a good chance you may take it out on your spouse. Researchers at UC Berkeley say sleep deprivation can make people selfish and less likely to appreciate the needs of their sleeping mate. They found lack of sleep can leave couples too tired to say thanks and make the other partner feel taken for granted.


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