Health Alert: Long-term survival rates for pancreatic cancer

(CBS)- Long-term survival rates for pancreatic cancer have barely moved in forty years.  According to cancer researchers in Britain, just three percent of today's pancreatic patients survive for at least 5 years, that is only slightly better than the 2 percent survival rate in the 70's.  Most pancreatic cancer is detected too late for successful treatment.

(CBS)- Physical fitness can help battle depression in adolescents, especially girls researchers from the University of North Texas questioned sixth and seventh graders about depression and assessed their fitness levels.  They found feelings of depression decreased with improved physical fitness.

(CBS)- Weight loss is not necessarily a recipe for happiness.  A study in the UK found overweight and obese adults who lost more than 5 percent of their initial weight were more likely to report a depressed mood than those who lost less.  Doctors say unrealistic expectations and the challenges of resisting temptation may lead to these moods


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