Health Alert: Lumpectomy vs. mastectomy

 (CBS)- A new Stanford University study of nearly 200,000 women with breast cancer found patients treated with a lumpectomy and radiation survive as long as patients who had a double mastectomy. A growing number of women choose to have a double mastectomy when diagnosed with cancer in one breast. Doctors say this study shows it may not be necessary to undergo the invasive surgery which may also involve reconstruction.

(CBS)- You don't need a "brand name" diet to lose weight. That's according to researchers in Canada who analyzed popular diet programs. They found dieters had significant weight loss with any low-carbohydrate or low fat diet.  They say the finding is significant because many patients have problems adhering to strict diets that ban certain foods types.

(CBS)- There's new reason to rev-up your exercise program.   Swedish researchers looked at 40,000 people and found an hour of moderate exercise or a half hour of vigorous exercise a day lowered a person's risk of heart failure by almost 50 percent.    


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