Health Alert: Most children are "undervaccinated"

(CBS) - A new study finds nearly half of children under two are not getting vaccinated on time. One reason, is some parents delay shots because they believe  its healthier to spread them out. But doctors at Kaiser Permanente say kids not vaccinated on time are considered "undervaccinated" and at a higher risk of catching preventable diseases.

(CBS) - Researchers at Berkeley say overweight people are more likely to die in a car crash, and the heavier the person, the higher the risk. The study found the most obese people were 80 percent more likely to lose their life in an auto accident. With one third of the population overweight, researchers want auto makers to consider changing car designs to better protect bigger drivers and passengers.

(CBS) - There's good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and now there's ugly cholesterol. Also known as "remnant-like particle cholesterol". Danish researchers say it's the most deadly. Their study found people with high levels of ugly cholesterol have triple the risk of heart disease. Doctors say ugly cholesterol leads to a hardening of the arteries. Researchers hope drug companies will develop new medications that specifically target this type of cholesterol.


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