Health Alert: Mouthguards, helmets may not prevent concussions

Health Alert

(CBS) - Using helmets and mouthguards will help prevent facial injuries, but there's no evidence they protect against concussions. In fact, the gear may encourage athletes to take greater risks, which lead to more injuries. In a statement published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a panel of experts said the public should be better educated to recognize the symptoms of a concussion so they can be treated promptly.

(CBS) - A new study finds that sleep problems may be an early indicator of Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers at Washington University analyzed the nighttime patterns of 145 volunteers. Participants with early markers for Alzheimer's disease were the least efficient sleepers and took the most naps. Those results will lead to new research on whether treating sleep disorders can help head- off Alzheimer's.

(CBS) - Researchers are learning why bad sleep habits can also lead to weight gain. Volunteers in a study were allowed to sleep just five hours a night, which meant they required about 5-percent more energy to stay awake. But the participants consumed 6-percent more calories. They also tended to eat smaller breakfasts and binge on after dinner snacks -- leading to a gain of nearly two pounds over five days.


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