Health Alert: New accurate diagnosis discovered for HIV

Health Alert

(CBS) - Government researchers may have discovered a more accurate way to diagnose HIV infections.

The experimental test incorporates a mathematical algorithm to search the blood for signs of HIV.

The Centers for Disease Control used the screening tool in several hospitals across the country.

They found the test discovered early infections that may have been missed with current testing methods.

The CDC says more analysis is needed before the new test becomes standard.



(CBS) - British researchers say iron can help keep a baby's birth weight on track .

A new study found pregnant women who took the recommended daily amount of iron reduced their child's risk of a low birth weight.

Iron deficiency is also the most common cause of anemia during pregnancy.

Pre-natal vitamins contain iron but doctors say women should check with their physicians to make sure they're getting enough.



(CBS) - Infertility may increase the risk of cancer.

Researchers at Stanford found men with a certain form of infertility were 3 times more likely to develop the disease.

Doctors speculate the genetic defects that cause infertility may also make a man more susceptible to cancer.


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