Health Alert: New classification system for breast cancers

(CBS)- British researchers are proposing a new classification system for breast cancers, breaking the disease down into ten different categories. They looked at more than 8,500 tumor samples to come up with the classifications. They say it could lead to more effective and better targeted treatments.

(CBS)- Researchers in Cambridge, Massachusetts say an experimental drug to treat multiple sclerosis is showing promise in clinical trials. The drug, called "anti-LINGO-1" is designed to repair nerve damage caused by MS. Current MS treatments reduce new damage to the brain, but do not repair old damage.

(CBS)- Washington DC researchers say one of the best ways to cut down on childhood obesity would be a one cent per ounce tax on soda and other sugary drinks. They say it not only makes consumers more mindful of what they drink, it could help raise billions of dollars for obesity prevention programs. The researchers admit a so-called soda tax could be tough to swallow, and probably won't happen in the near future.


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