Health Alert: New drug therapy for Crohn's disease

(CBS) - A new study points to a possible breakthrough in the treatment of Crohn's disease. Researchers at U.C. San Diego found that the drug Stelara, which is used to treat psoriasis, can also bring relief for Crohn's patients. Crohn's disease causes painful inflammation of the digestive tract and affects about 700-thousand Americans. During a 9-month trial, patients treated with Stelara saw an improvement as early as six weeks into therapy.

(CBS) - Bariatric surgery is for treating obesity, but researchers say it also has a big impact on preventing heart disease and stroke. A study published in the Journal "Heart" found that weight loss surgeries can radically reduce risk factors, including high blood pressure and diabetes. The improvement is both faster and more extreme than it is when using drug treatments for managing weight.

(CBS) - For older women recovering from cancer, sticking to a healthy weight is critical. A study presented to the American Association for Cancer Research examined lifestyle habits of elderly cancer survivors. It found that women who stay physically active, eat a healthy diet, and stick to an ideal body weight lower their risk of death by nearly 40-percent.


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