Health Alert: New findings could lead to better breast cancer treatments

(CBS) - Researchers have discovered a mutant gene that causes breast cancer to spread. Scientists, at Case Western in Cleveland say the gene creates a protein that makes cancer cells travel or metastasize. They say this finding could help identify women who are at risk, and lead to new drugs to keep cancer from spreading.


(CBS) - A new study says vaccinating children against "pediatric rotavirus" also protects unvaccinated adults from coming down with the severe illness. The virus causes symptoms similar to stomach-flu, and kills more than 450,000 children around the world every year. In the U.S., vaccinations for rotavirus have cut the number of adult cases in half.


(CBS) - A few apples a day can chase the blues away. That's according to researchers in New Zealand who found that eating more fruits and vegetables helped make people calmer, happier, and more energetic. Among a test group of 281 young adults, the ones who ate the healthiest foods maintained more positive moods.


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