Health Alert: New guidelines for children with diabetes

(CBS) - The number of children in the United States with type-2 diabetes has increased dramatically over the past three decades. Now for the first time ever, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued guidelines to help kids ages 10 to 18, their parents and their doctors manage the disease. The guidelines point to which patients should be using insulin or the anti-diabetic drug metformin for treatment. They also include recommendations for diet, exercise, how to monitor pediatric patients' blood sugar level and how to set up insulin regimens.



(CBS) - A growing number of women are choosing to get a mastectomy even for very small cancers. But a new study from the Duke Cancer Institute finds lumpectomy plus radiation may provide patients with early stage breast cancer a better chance of survival than a mastectomy. Researchers followed over 100,000 woman and found those who underwent a mastectomy had a higher risk of dying from heart disease and other diseases than the women who had a lumpectomy.



(CBS) - Researchers at John's Hopkins say antibacterial cleansers are much better than soap for protecting critically ill children. They found antiseptic baths reduced bloodstream infections by 36 per cent compared to soap and water. Infections can lead to organ damage or even death.


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