Health Alert: New potentially fatal virus

(CNN) - The world health organization says at least a dozen people have become sick with the new virus called novel coronavirus. This potentially fatal severe acute respiratory syndrome  or SARS virus was first identified in September of last year. Symptoms include an acute respiratory infection, fever and a cough. Others have suffered pneumonia and kidney failure. Fortunately, doctors say the virus appears to be hard to get and there's no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission. So far, it has only showed up abroad, but doctors say they wouldn't be surprised if it appeared in the U.S.

(CBS) - People who suffer from seasonal allergies may get relief from a combination of acupuncture and medication. A study from the American College of Physicians looked at three groups of patients with stuffy or runny noses. The groups were treated over an eight week period during two allergy seasons. Researchers found patients who received both acupuncture and medicine did better than those who had medicine only.


(CBS) - Researchers in Norway say pregnant women should be careful with caffeine. They looked at about 60,000 pregnancies monitoring all caffeine intake. They found high levels of caffeine often result in low birth weight babies. But the study also found drinking coffee can lead to longer pregnancies.


(CBS) - There is reassuring news about the risk of cancer in women who undergo in-vitro fertilization. A National Cancer Institute study finds IVF treatments do not increase the risk of breast or gynecological cancers. Researchers reviewed more than 67,000 cases of Israeli women who received IVF treatments. They found about 1,500 had breast or endometrial cancers. That's about the same number for women who did not receive IVF treatments.


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