Health Alert: New program for smokers

(CBS)- Patients are not allowed to smoke in hospitals and a new program may help them quit for good.  Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital tested an intervention system on patients after discharge.  It includes automated phone calls to provide support and three months of free anti-smoking medication.  A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says the program increased the success rate for quitting by more than 70 percent.

(CBS)- A new study says commuters should consider leaving the car at home.  Research in the British Medical Journal shows significant health benefits in walking to work, cycling, or taking public transportation.  Commuters who chose those options,  rather than driving were found to have healthier body weights and a lower percentage of fat.

(CBS)- Elderly people often struggle for a good night of sleep and a new study has found a possible explanation.  Researchers say a group of neurons act as a sleep switch in the brain.  Older people and Alzheimers patients start to lose those neurons, which damages the quality of their sleep.  The study in the journal "Brain" shows that people in their seventies sleep about one hour less each night than people in their twenties.


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