Health Alert : New research on marijuana dangers

(CBS)- New research finds teenagers and young adults who smoke marijuana just once a week can suffer from memory problems and decreased IQ. Neuro-psychologists at the University of Wisconsin say brain imaging of young marijuana users shows abnormalities in areas associated with intelligence. The findings come as some states move to legalize recreational marijuana use.

(CBS)- A new study finds that pregnant women and their fetuses are being exposed to antibacterial compounds that can be harmful.  Researchers in Arizona tested about 200 pregnant women and found they all had triclosan and triclocarban, about half of the babies tested positive as well.  Those compounds can be found in soaps, toothpastes and toys and have been known to cause developmental problems in animals.

(CBS)- High rates of suicide among U.S. military personnel may be linked to traumatic experiences before enlistment.  Several recent studies found soldiers who were victims of child abuse are 3 to 8 times more likely to report suicidal behavior in the service.  Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S. military.


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