Health Alert: New test may diagnose heart attack

(CBS) - Swiss researchers say a new test can quickly tell if someone experiencing chest pains is actually having a heart attack. People who go to the emergency room with chest pains undergo several tests - including an electrocardiogram and blood work. Scientists developed a formula that computes the results of those tests to determine if the patient is having a heart attack. A new study found it diagnosed 77 percent of patients - others required further observation. More study is needed before the test is ready for clinical use.


(CBS) - An experimental blood test may help doctors determine the best treatment for people with advanced kidney cancer. A new study found patients with high levels of a certain enzyme in their blood did well on one type of cancer drug but poorly on another. There is already a similar blood test for breast cancer patients. Duke University researchers say having a test for kidney cancer would be a major step forward.


(CBS) - A new government study finds obesity rates remain high across the nation. In 12 states more than 30 percent of adults are obese. The problem is most prevalent in the south and Mississippi tops the scales with an obesity rate of nearly 36 percent. Colorado has the nation's lowest rate at 21 percent.


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