Health Alert: NFL players at higher risk for depression

(CBS) - NFL players may have a greater risk of developing depression as they age, due to concussions. That's according to two new studies. One looked at 26 retired NFL players, and found that one in five suffered depression. Another study compared 34 retired NFL players who had a history of concussions. It found that the former football players scored "significantly higher" on tests for depression.


(CBS) - A new study says you shouldn't rely on apps that diagnose skin cancer. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh put smartphone apps to the test. Scientists found that three of the four apps were wrong at diagnosing photos of skin lesions at least 30 percent of the time. Researchers say patients are better off seeing a doctor.



(CBS) - A new study in Nature says light exposure during pregnancy is key to a baby's eye development. Until now, scientists thought that exposure to light after birth was the key. Researchers studied pregnant mice and some were kept in the dark, while others were exposed to light. They found only the ones that received light could provide fetuses a crucial protein that develops eyesight.


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