Health Alert: Obesity may impact children's learning

(CBS) - Obesity related illness may hurt kids brains as well as their bodies. Researchers at NYU followed children who suffer from metabolic syndrome - which includes obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They found these adolescents were more likely to have poorer math scores and could not read as well. Doctors believe metabolic syndrome has a direct effect on brain function.


(CBS) - Another study finds sleeping problems can hurt a child's brain development. Research in the "Journal Pediatrics" found young kids who suffer from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders were more likely to need special education during their elementary school years. Doctors say a lack of sleep can affect behavioral and language development.


(CBS) - If you like coconuts, they may have more benefits than you know. Coconuts may help fight cavities. Irish researchers modified coconut oil with enzymes and found it could kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay. They now plan to find out if the coconut oil would be effective in dental hygiene products like toothpaste.


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