Health Alert: Osteoporosis drug slows formation of new bone

(CBS) - A drug commonly used to slow bone loss in osteoporosis patients seems to have a negative side effect. Researchers in Italy say the drug "Zoledronic Acid" -- also slows the formation of new bone. The findings suggest the drug may work better when it is combined with other treatments to add bone mass.

(CBS) - Women who have dense breasts may want to have an ultrasound in addition to a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. A new study finds ultrasounds performed after mammograms on women with dense breasts detected an additional 3.4 cancers or high risk lesions per one thousand women screened. In comparison traditional mammograms detect 4 to 5 cancers per thousand women.

(CBS) - Close family members of people with Alzheimer's disease are more than twice as likely to develop a buildup of brain plaques associated with the disease compared to people without a family history. It's well known that a family history increases a person's risk for developing the memory-robbing condition. But researchers at Duke University say their study shows people with a family history may also have more of a buildup - earlier -- which could be a reason why they decline faster than those who don't have a close relative with the disease.


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