Health Alert: Oxygen deprivation causes A.D.D. in children

(CBS) - Researchers say children who are deprived oxygen while in the womb, are more likely to develop attention deficit disorder. Certain conditions like preeclampsia can decrease the amount of oxygen in a pregnant mother's blood. According to a new study from kaiser, children of these women have a 16 percent higher risk of eventually being diagnosed with A.D.D.

(CBS)- Cutting down on the amount of salt kids have could help lower the risk of childhood obesity. New research in the journal pediatrics looked at more than 42-hundred children in Australia and found kids who ate more salt also drank more sugary beverages. Kids in the study who drank more than one sugary beverage a day were 26-percent more likely to be overweight.



(CBS) - A new study finds only 20 percent of people infected with hepatitis c get treatment, despite the availability of highly effective anti-viral drugs that clear the virus in most patients. A review in general hospital psychiatry finds people who are infected often fear side effects.


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