Health Alert: Patient wishes not listened to

(CBS) - Researchers say many doctors don't know their patients' wishes when making treatment decisions. A study looked at women with breast cancer and found in 71 percent of cases doctors believed keeping breast tissue was the patient's top priority, but it was only true in 7 percent of cases. The British Medical Journal also found in many cases patients chose different treatments when they know all the risks and benefits.

(CBS) - Australian scientists are using a new targeted therapy that kills cancerous tumors and spares healthy tissue. Doctors grew mini cells and filled them with chemotherapy drugs. The cells were then programmed to travel directly to the tumor. Testing shows the therapy is safe and does not have the same toxic side effects as traditional chemotherapy.

(CBS) - Some people may be allergic to their cell phone. New York allergists found most of the older flip phones contain cobalt or nickel. About 10 percent of Americans are allergic to the metals – which can cause skin rashes and eczema on the jaw and ear. Doctors also found nickel in one third of blackberries, but there were no traces of the metals in iPhones or Droids.


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