Health Alert: Patients may not need double mastectomy

(CBS) - A new study finds most breast cancer patients who have a double mastectomy may not need to. Researchers looked at women who had cancer diagnosed in one breast and needed a single mastectomy. They found about 1 in 5 patients decided to have both breasts removed as a precautionary measure. But doctors at the University of Michigan say for most women, removing the second breast does not decrease the risk of recurrence.

(CBS) - A new report finds 60-percent of young people with HIV don't know they have it. The CDC says in 2010 there were about 12-thousand new HIV infections among people ages 13 to 24. Gay, bisexual men and African Americans are affected most. Doctors say many are not aware they are infected because only a small percentage are tested regularly.

(CBS) - Obesity can increase the risk of bone fractures especially in men who have a lot of belly fat. Harvard researchers performed body scans on 35 obese men. They found those with the most belly fat had the weakest bones. Belly fat is also a major risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.


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