Health Alert: Physical activity boosts brain health

(CBS) - Physical activity could help keep your brain fit. A new study published in the journal "Stroke" found people who exercised regularly reduced their risk of cognitive impairment 60 percent. Researchers say they also cut their risk of one type of dementia 40-percent. The American Heart Association recommends at least an hour and half of moderate exercise each week for good health.

(CBS) - People with kidney disease may want to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet. A Texas A&M College of Medicine study followed patients with chronic kidney disease. Some were assigned to eat more fruits and vegetables. Others took medication and a third group did nothing. After three years, those who ate extra fruits and veggies or took the medication reduced acid in their body and helped their kidney function.

(CBS) - New research shows adding soy to a woman's diet won't help ease the symptoms of menopause. Researchers at UC Davis looked at more than 16-hundred women as they entered menopause and found products like soy milk and tofu did not prevent the onset of hot flashes and nightsweats.


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