Health Alert: Pollution may cause high blood pressure in pregnant women

(CBS) - Pollution may cause high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in some pregnant women. Swedish researchers found pregnant mothers who lived in areas with air pollution were more likely to develop the condition which can be serious. The risk was even higher for moms with asthma.


(CBS) - A new study finds marijuana use may double the risk of stroke in young adults. Researchers in New Zealand tested 160 stroke patients when they were admitted into the hospital and found patients were 2 point3 times more likely to have marijuana in their system. Experts say more study is needed because many of the patients also smoked cigarettes.


(CBS) - Some stroke survivors may benefit from the martial arts exercise Tai Chi. Doctors at the University of Arizona studied stroke patients who used different fitness programs. They found those who practiced Tai Chi had better balance and fewer falls. Experts believe the ancient Chinese practice strengthens muscles that help improve balance.


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