Health Alert: Possible link between cholesterol and cancer

(CBS) - Researchers say they've discovered genetic evidence of a link between cholesterol and cancer. The findings from the University of Rochester Medical Center raise the possibility that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs could someday be used to fight cancer. Recent studies have suggested that people who take statins may reduce their cancer risk, but doctors say more research is needed.


(CBS) - New research from the National Center for Health Statistics says people who live in rural areas are more likely to be obese. The study says they tend to eat a high-fat diet, and exercise less than people in urban areas. The disparity was greatest among young people.


(CBS) - There's new hope for people with brain injuries. Researchers used a neural implant to restore some brain function in monkeys, including decision-making processes. The "Journal of Neural Engineering" says it's a key step on the road to helping people who suffer brain-related illnesses.


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