Health Alert: Possible link between diabetes and increased risk of fatal heart attack

(CBS) - New research finds a possible link between diabetes and an increased risk of a fatal heart attack. Diabetes can double the risk of dying after a heart attack, but the reasons why are unknown. The University of Iowa study suggests the cause may be a heart enzyme that becomes over activated.



 (CBS) - Two studies published in the Journal Pediatrics give parents some guidance on what kids should watch on TV and how often. Researchers in New Zealand found kids who watch TV excessively are more likely to exhibit antisocial and criminal behavior when they become adults. The study's authors found the risk of a criminal conviction in early adulthood increased 30 percent with every hour children watched TV on an average weeknight. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children should watch no more than 2 hours of quality programming per day.



 (CBS) - The second study found that limiting how much aggressive behavior preschoolers see on television can improve their conduct. The children ages three to five who were involved in the study all watched about the same amount of television. The only change was the type of programming. Parents of half the kids substituted aggression-filled programming with educational content. The children who watched the better quality programming demonstrated significantly less aggression than the other group.


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