Health Alert: Possible Link Between Obesity And Cancer

(CBS) - There may be a link between obesity and cancer. Researchers in Texas found fat tissue feeds cancer. They studied overweight and average weight mice, all with cancer, feeding them the same diet. The fat cells in the overweight mice helped form blood vessels that brought fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tumors and helped them grow.

(CBS) - A new study finds the HPV vaccine does not lead to increased sexual activity or a higher rate of pregnancy. Since 2006, health experts have recommended that 11 year old girls receive the vaccine to protect against the sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancers and warts. The journal "Pediatrics" says there is no evidence to support concerns that using the vaccine would lead to more sexual activity and possibly more pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

(CBS) - Parents, you may have already figured this one out -- but, a new study finds kids who get less than the recommended amount of sleep are more likely to be cranky. Researchers found children ages 7 to 11, who slept an average of 54 minutes less, were more temperamental. They also found kids were able to regulate their emotions and focus in schools if they were given an extra 27 minutes of sleep. An estimated 64 percent of school-aged children go to be later than 9 PM. Experts recommend children sleep 10 to 11 hours a night. The study is published in the journal "Pediatrics."


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