Health Alert: Possible risks during in vitro fertilization

(CBS) - Women undergoing in vitro fertilization may be at a higher risk for blood clots during the first trimester of pregnancy. A study in the British medical journal says artery blockage is also more common during IVF. The condition is difficult to diagnose and can be fatal, so researchers are suggesting doctors be extra focused on the risks.



(CBS) - Dangerous complications for women who have migraines along with visual disturbances like flashing lights. It's a condition known as "migraine with aura." a study presented to the American Academy of Neurology finds this type of migraine may lead to major cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke.



(CBS) - A paper in the British medical journal makes the case for cutting back on sugar. Researchers analyzed dozens of studies to trace the link between sugar consumption and body fat. They found that reducing sugar does have a small but significant effect on weight. Looking specifically at children, a higher intake of sugary drinks was linked to a higher risk of obesity.


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