Health Alert: Protection from damaging ultraviolet rays

(CBS) - A new study finds covering up at the beach is just as effective as sunscreen at protecting the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. The Spanish study looked at the effects of UVB radiation on existing moles. Researchers found both sunscreen and physical barriers like shirts and hats can partially prevent UVB effects, but the cover-ups worked a little better. Researchers say the best practice may be to combine both lines of defense.

(CBS) -  A new study finds our ability to process color remains the same as we get older -- that's even though the human eye loses its sensitivity to colors with age. Researchers in England say the brain seems to compensate for known age-related yellowing of the eye's lens.

(CBS) - Eating peppers may help lower the risk of developing Parkinson's disease. A new study finds as people eat more foods that contain small amounts of nicotine, like peppers and tomatoes, their risk of developing the movement disorder decreases. Previous studies have found a link between cigarettes and other forms of tobacco and a reduced risk of the disease. Nearly one million Americans suffer from Parkinson's. 


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