Health Alert: Reducing risk of heart disease

(CBS)- A new British study finds reducing how much alcohol you drink can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity, even for light to moderate drinkers.  Researchers found that people with a genetic variant which is linked to lower alcohol consumption have better cardiovascular health.  The finding challenges previous research that found light to moderate drinking can have a protective effect on the heart.

(CBS)- Psychological factors can significantly increase your risk of stroke.  Researchers at the University of Minnesota studied 6700 adults between the ages of 48 and 84 years old.  They found those with the highest symptoms of depression are 86 percent more likely to have a stroke.  Those with highest levels of chronic stress have a 59 percent higher risk, and high hostility scores make you twice as likely to have a stroke.

(CBS)- Cannot decide what to order? New research shows that menus listing calorie amounts can influence what you eat.  The Centers for Disease Control released a study conducted in 17 states where nutritional labels appear on menus, and found 57 percent of adults consider calorie counts when deciding what to order.


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